Virtual Meditation Hall


This is where you’ll find me most mornings!

Virtual Meditation Hall

Monday-Friday 8 am EST I gather with several other Shambhala practitioners and we do morning chants* followed by 15-20 minutes of sitting practice.

* Proclamation of Goodness, Supplication to the Shambhala Lineage, Homage, Dedication of Merit

If chanting isn’t your thing, feel free to join at 8:10 am EST and just sit with us for 15-20 minutes. (Click the links above for some wonderful background essays on the chants by Shambhalian Russell Rodgers. Other essays in the series can be found here.)

If you’d like to just sit for 30 minutes, without chanting, join me and sometimes others, on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8 am.

On those rare occasions that I am unable to be there, i.e. if I am staffing or attending a program at the Shambhala Centre, I will try to post a note here in advance.

I look forward to sitting with you!


I will NOT be sitting on these dates:

Friday September 1-Monday September 4

Saturday September 16-Sunday September 17

Saturday September 30