Sitting, staying, healing, growing, changing, learning, living, and dying one breath at a time.

Writing about and taking pictures of those things that touch my heart, make me laugh, make me cry, take my breath away and bring me back to now.

I often say that I make my living as a medical transcriptionist and I make my life doing volunteer work in my spiritual community. The first pays my bills and the second brings me joy and a sense of meaning. More specifically, in my spiritual community, I am authorized to give basic meditation instruction and lead introductory courses, and direct social meditation, both online and in person. I am also trained to hold the space in which the teachings can be offered and received, and to assist individuals in the community and the community itself when difficult situations arise.

I live in Toronto, Canada, with my partner and our Shih Tzu, Shadow, who is very cute and features prominently in my photographs!